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Hi There!

My name is Kaylee, I'm a digital media creator based out of Prince George, BC.

I've always been confident in describing myself as a very friendly, easy-going and reliable person. I am currently a digital marketer & server for a local restaurant in town, so service is what I know best!

With a love for all things creative since i was young, I finally bought my first DSLR camera not long after graduating from post secondary school and knew it was the right medium for me to build a career around.

I eventually found myself enrolled at the local college for web and graphic design. Since then, things have snowballed and I am now here with my own small business, a social media manager and digital marketer for a local brewery, and continuing my education in digital marketing through online courses. 

Whether you're a realtor or the owner of a small business, I want to assist you in growing your online presence with clean and professional media that fits your brand. 


Education & Experience


Kristine Newell - Team Powerhouse Realty

“I can always count on Kaylee to capture the true beauty of your home when it comes time to list! ”


Michelle Renshaw 

"Kaylee is talented, fun and super creative when it comes to photography - I've experienced this firsthand. She's also the sweetest gal! Her photos are bright but warm and make it easy to envision yourself living in the spaces she's photographing."

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